3DBio has developed unique capabilities that enable the creation of living tissue implants for therapeutic applications. The technology platforms include a full suite of features to meet the FDA’s requirements for therapeutic manufacturing, including novel and proprietary: 3D-bioprinter (GMPrint™), bio-ink (ColVivo™), and cell processes.

GMP-compatible 3D-bioprinter (GMPrint™)

GMPrint™ technology is a purpose-built therapeutic-grade 3D-bioprinter, designed and manufactured by 3DBio. Research-grade systems do not meet key requirements set by the FDA for manufacture of therapeutics, broadly referred to as current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). GMPrint™ comprises several proprietary, and patented, features enabling aseptic workflow combined with exceptional quality and speed. The GMPrint™ technology also includes an AI-based print-path planning algorithm to optimize tool paths for complex materials and geometries.

Therapeutic-grade bio-ink (ColVivo™)

ColVivo™ is a therapeutic-grade bio-ink platform, developed and manufactured by 3DBio, specifically for therapeutic applications of 3D-bioprinting. The bio-ink was created to meet cGMP processing requirements for therapeutic use, while preserving key biological and rheological properties essential for 3D-bioprinting. As a bio-ink, ColVivo™ carries living cells within it and is shaped into living implants in conjunction with the GMPrint™ 3D-bioprinter.

Proprietary cell processes

3DBio has deep expertise in cell extraction, expansion, and storage processes, in addition to its capabilities in 3D-bioprinters and materials.  3DBio has developed its own proprietary processes to ensure that, before incorporation into the bio-ink, the cells are rapidly expanded in sufficient quantity while maintaining appropriate functionality, throughout the printing process as well as when the tissues are implanted.