Leaders in making therapeutic-grade bioprinting a reality for patients

3DBio Therapeutics is a biologics and bioprinting company with a focus on regenerative medicine that precision manufactures living tissues to allow replacement of each individual patient’s parts with tissues designed and created specifically for them.

About Us.

Our purpose is to deliver living tissues to patients to treat disease and congenital medical conditions. We develop novel 3D-bioprinting and materials technologies toward our mission, and focus on clinical applications with high unmet need — in particular, tissues with limited regenerative capacity whose function depends on complex 3D geometry.

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3DBio’s proprietary platform includes a comprehensive suite of technologies to enable therapeutic-grade manufacturing of living tissues — from our GMP-compatible 3D-bioprinter (GMPrint™), to our bio-ink (ColVivo™), to our novel cell processes.

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3dBio Therapeutics Pipeline

Our technology platforms enable the creation of de novo, patient-specific living tissue and body parts. The primary focus areas are initially craniofacial and spine, and our platform has wide applicability to provide tissues with therapeutic benefit throughout the body.

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