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The first company implanting 3D-bioprinted living tissues in patients

3DBio is the only clinical-stage regenerative medicine company solving medical challenges with custom-engineered 3D-bioprinted living implants

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Living Tissue Implants

3DBio’s pioneering approach develops living tissue implants with structural and functional integrity with a four-part technology platform, including: novel and proprietary 3D-bioprinter (GMPrint™), bio-ink (ColVivo™), specialized cell culture system, and implantable protective shell (Overshell Technology)


The Future is Now

At 3DBio, we know 3D-printing of human tissues and organs is achievable. We know because we’ve done it. Our first patient-matched, patient tissue-derived product, AuriNovo™, is being evaluated in a clinical trial in adults and children

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Corporate Profile

3DBio is a clinical-stage biotechnology company and leader in regenerative medicine using novel 3D-bioprinting and materials technologies to deliver safe, functional and personalized living tissues and organs, engineered on-demand for patients